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6-month exams and cleanings

Maintaining your regular 6 month exams and cleanings are essential to maintaining a healthy mouth. It is important to keep these a part of your routine so we are able to help you preserve a beautiful smile and stop issues from turning into bigger problems.


Sometimes decay or fracture comprimises more tooth structure than can be fixed by a filling. Any decay that exists must be removed. Some of the area where decay was removed is then replaced with restorative material. The tooth (including the portion already replaced) is then covered with the crown. Once completed, a tooth with a crown looks like a natural tooth.

Professional Custom Whitening

Everyone loves a bright smile! Let us help brighten your smile with custom fit whitening trays and Philips Zoom professional whitening.


It is important to remove the decay from a cavity and replave that portion of the tooth with a restorative material. This simple procedure fixes the cavity, but it is important to brush, floss, and keep 6 month cleanings to ensure the decay process doesnt start again.


A bridge is one of a few options available to fill spave formed by one or multiple missing teeth. The teeth adjacent to the space (gap) are covered by crowns that are connected to form a bridge to fill the void. The result is a full smile and bite that looks good and funcitons naturally.

Root Canal

Root canals are the remedy to most bad tooth aches! The inside of a tooth (pulp) can become infected with bacteria. Root canals (endodontic therapy) remove the infected pulp, sterilize the environment, and allow the tooth to be saved by restoration with a crown.

Tooth Removal (extractions)

Unfortunately, teeth can get to the point where they cannot be saved. Having a tooth removed is a gentle process, that is usually over before you even know it! Thankfully there are ways to replace missing teeth.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials are another avenue to replace multiple missing teeth. They are fabricated by making careful measurements and analysis of the existing tissue and facial contour. The result is a smile that looks natural. If implants are placed, the denture or partial will be extremely stable and secure and funciton like real teeth.

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