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Your First Visit

Contactless check-in

When you book a visit, we'll send you new patient forms to fill out electronically, either through text or email. This helps ensure a contactless check-in experience at our office. And it saves you time, for a shorter, safer visit.

Pre-visit health check

Before you come in, you'll be asked if you've had any symptoms or illness, or if you've been around anyone sick. If you have, we'll ask you to reschedule—and make it super easy. Taking this step is the best way to keep everyone healthy!

follow-up health check on arrival

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a team member who’ll take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If your temperature is within normal range, great. If you show signs of a fever, we’ll ask you to reschedule. We’ll also ask you again if you’ve had any symptoms of illness, or if you’ve been around anyone sick, in case anything has changed.

What to bring

As long as you fill out your new patient forms online prior to your appointment, you will only need to bring a couple of things.

1. Your dental insurance card or info, if you have dental insurance.*

Please refer to our insurance policy page

2. If you are switching from another dental office, you may bring your dental records and xrays from the previous office. Or request them to be sent to us if you'd like!

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